🔥 Chief Solutionist Author, Mentor, Trainer, International Professional Speaker, Visionary, Producer & USAF Wartime Disabled American Veteran! 🔥

Chief Solutionist David Don Hobley is an Author, Mentor, Trainer, International Professional Speaker, Visionary and Producer -- who’s personally mentored over 2500 of the world’s finest cadets, military servicemen, speakers, authors, marketers, doctors, and entrepreneurs. He’s spoken on stages in the United States, Germany, and Mexico. Featured on AFN, ABC, Fox, CityTV, and Breakfast Television Canada – and in books and Air Force Times, Fairfield Daily Republic, and Vacaville Reporter Newspapers, and was chosen to represent over 11 companies and personalities and 12 U.S. Government and Defense Organizations. He has demonstrated courage and honor – and has received numerous Military and Civilian Government Awards. He is a highly decorated U.S. Air Force Wartime Disabled American Veteran. He brings his immense life experience and his dedication to his mission to empower entrepreneurs to fast-track their prosperity. He delivers proprietary wealth-building systems called Prosperity Insider – saving his clients and students from the 15 to 20-year learning curve and empowering them to live a life by design, and not by default!

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