Inflatable Thang by Float'n Thang®

We started with a solid design and now the new inflatable version. Get your group float float'n with six floats for the price of one solid.

WHAT IS IT? A Patented, Custom-Designed, Simple, and Effective Flotation Device. Enjoy full range floating in several positions benefiting from zero gravity without feeling restricted by seats or straps in an oversized float.

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? Unlike other flotation, the Thangs allow perfect positioning for maneuverability while offering ideal neck and arm support in both forward and reverse arm positions. Oh, don't forget the two built-in flexible holders for different-size containers.

Constructed out of high-quality vinyl with a dual inflator for quick input & release of air.

HOW TO ORDER: We are on Amazon and on

PACKAGING: Get the 6 Pack shipped now. Save as much as $15 off the current Amazon retail. Multi Discount Packs currently available at Let's get more float on the water and perhaps just reduce the number of drownings.

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